Generation 1 (2*) Prius Gets New Lease On Life!

 (250K mile guarantee.)

Why buy a re-conditioned or re-furbished H/V battery pack with an 18 month guarantee when you can have no time limit. Our guarantee is a quantum leap from reconditioners, which is the reason to buy a NEW battery pack. is the ONLY producer of Lithium-Ion Prius H/V battery pack replacements in the world.

GOOD NEWS! Prius 2002 "Reaches 100 MPG+" (IN TRAFFIC!!).
This is possible as a result of our latest design using lithium cells!
The original Prius cells were replaced (38 ) with our direct LION Cells which offer 120 Watts of power compared to the original (ni-cad) of just 47 watts!
A seperate " SUPER BOOSTER", located in the tire well, consisting of "HIGH AMPERAGE" LION CELLS generate another 12,250 watts ( 35 Amps X 350 Volts) making this Prius
In addition, at low speed , this Prius is an "ELECTRIC VEHICLE"!!
These LION CELLS will out last the original 5x 1/2 a million miles!!! (Ask for details?)
We are NOW producing this NEW PRODUCT! (Price depends on the year modle?) Contact us for a quote & delivery!

2nd Gen 2005 NOW GETS 77 MPG at all speeds up to 40 MPG!

MPG Mountain: 55.4


The above is from 3,500 ft. to 2000ft.



The above is 2,000 ft. back to 3,500 ft.


A technical comparison/features:

Note: One of 38 cells of the pack shown.


  •  1.85X MPG (city/mtn approx..) v. OEM

  •  2.5X battery life v. OEM

  • 2.5X energy density v. OEM

  • 25% lighter v. OEM

  • New Li-ion cells. Not refurbished or new NiCad.

  • 250K miles guarantee by replacement.

  • $3950.

  • Installed at your place or ours.

Technical specs:

Prius (NICAD)                                   LI-ON (LITHIUM)
Voltage 7.2 V                                                 Voltage 8.0 V
AMPS   6.5 A                                                  AMPS 15.6 A
Efficiency 50%                                              Efficiency 95 %
Life         100 K                                               Life         300K +
Weight    2.0 lbs.                                Weight    1.5 Lbs.

Life test results:

Life testing of the second Lithium Cell prototype was started on January 28, 2012 & IS CONTINUING UNTIL A notice of “LOSS OF CAPACITY”!

A). High capacity (2C at 4.4 AMPS) as follows:
This test is to duplicate the current required when entering a free way & rapidly accelerating! Test continues on our automatic equipment until a LOSS of power is noticed (None was noticed!)
B). Normal capacity (1C at 2.2 Amps ) as follows:
This test is to duplicate driving at speeds up to 40 MPH ! Testing continued until June 28, 2012! (NO LOSS OF POWER was noted!) The number of charge & discharge Cycles per 24 hours is equivalent to 5 weeks of driving 40 miles per day! Testing continued until 250 K miles were reached! NO FAILURES OR SERIOUS LOSS OF POWER! ( Actual loss of power only 3%!)
We are still testing until we detect a loss of power over 10%! (HASN'T HAPPENED YET?) Robert J. Mc Naul Test engineer on the Apollo Moon Shot!

Cash only, upon delivery.


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